MeetingMaestro in action

Wim Bartels has a longstanding experience in leading meetings and presentations. Please refer to Who is MeetingMaestro for more information.

Below a number of recent and current projects are explained.

Round Table on innovation, Den Haag, 8 March 2018

Small-scale closed meeting for a Dutch Ministry to discuss strategic issues regarding innovation from different perspectives. 

Focused orchestrating of key questions in order to gather insights from the different participants in a limited timeframe.

Seminar Sustainable Finance, Amsterdam, 14 March 2018

Panel chair on the implications of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan of the European Commission for investors and bankers.

Ensure a high pace of conversation by asking focused questions to the speakers and connect their statements to each other.

Political debates, Aalsmeer, 14 en 19 March 2018

Co-leading a debate of local parties in light of the council elections. 

Interactive evenings with citizens, deepening the understanding of the parties’ leaders political agenda and attitude, applying the right rhythm and ensure the meetings have the right pace.

Final meeting, Den Haag, 21 June 2018

Small-scale closed meeting with the leadership of a Dutch Ministry, non-executive board members and C-level board members as well as scientists on the implementation of change in organizations.

Focused orchestrating the conversation to get to overall insights from the varied group of participants.

Circular economy, Amstelveen, 3 September 2018

Closed small-scale meeting with non-executive board members, C-level board representatives and scientists about the impact of circular economy on entrepreneurship and business.

Ensuring that the various perspectives come to surface whilst challenging participants’ statements in order to enhance the synergy of the discussion.

Corporate reporting event, Amstelveen, 17 September 2018

Meeting with non-executive board members, CFOs, supervisory authorities, accountants and investors about the developments in corporate reporting.

Applying different formats to keep the pace of the program and ensuring the overall tempo of the meeting.

Sustainable business summit, London, 7 November 2018

Panel session with leaders of worldwide standard setters for reporting on the occasion of the announcement of a major joint project. 

Structured questions to achieve a comprehensive session given the large number of speakers and the limited time available.

RO Master Class, Den Bosch, 22-23 November 2018

Moderating a two-day session, including providing a workshop on the use of one’s voice. 

Integrate music into the program, amongst others with a self-written song, to set the right tone – having prepared the program both in terms of content as well as formats and tempo of the individual sessions.