Music can set the tone

if you play it effectively!

The brand MeetingMaestro prompts the association with music – which it intends to. But does that imply that MeetingMaestro literally integrates music in meetings?

For sure – if it contributes to the efficacy of the meeting: so only if it matches!

The right music prior to the start of the meeting can ensure the right ambience: the participants get into the right mindset and the program kicks off at the right pace. By definition music calls for emotional reactions; making use of this creates the right mood for the program.

Live music can ensure the right balance in the program. Scientific research has proven that humans aim to achieve an average level of arousal – which means that after a placid speech we look for a little more tempo to balance the level of arousal; music can create this.

If you would think this over a little more, designing a program on the basis of a musical format to create the appropriate tempo and the proper level of suspense.

MeetingMaestro can also utilize music to strengthen connections between the participants: what does music and conducting mean for leadership and management, what does your preferred instrument tell you about your character and how can you use this in your work, what happens if we play music together?

The above is all possible ánd part of the repertoire, íf it contributes to the strength of the program – for MeetingMaestro, it is all about the effectiveness of the meeting!

A seminar or event will be successful only when the participants are motivated and enjoy to participate.
Wim knows how to control the instruments to achieve the desired result. He warrants a solid preparation of the meeting with room for improvisation and flexibility. On the day itself he presents himself in a pleasant way, conducting the meeting in a subtle way and looking sharply at content and process. The outcome is an enthusiastic and committed performance of the score, with well-supported results.

Berry WammesExecutive Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants

Wim was actively involved in the preparation of the event and ‘orchestrated’ the panel discussions brilliantly throughout the day. His excellent moderator skills resulted in interesting discussions amongst panelists as well as clear outcomes of the different sessions. The ‘musical touch’  definitely brought the event to the next level. We recommend involving Wim in events and are much looking forward to future collaborations with him.

Hilde Blomme & Ben RenierDeputy CEO & Manager, Accountancy Europe

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